Argumentative Essay On Nuclear Energy

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For over 50 years, scientists have been debating against whether nuclear energy is the ideal source to use. On one hand, the plant requires the use of less acreage than a solar or wind farm, thus preserving homes for plants and animals. On the other hand, the potential risk of radiation exposure puts the general population at stake. There are many pros and cons for both sides of the problem but I believe that there is more of a negative outcome when nuclear energy is used rather than traditional forms of extracting energy, such as, solar, wind or the use of fossil fuels. To have a better understanding of nuclear energy, one should know the basics of it. the process begins with small pellets of uranium placed into rods and stacked closely together. Then, a neutron is exposed to the first rod, causing it to break down or split and release two more neutrons that will hit the other uranium pellets and so on.This repetitive process is known as fission, “the action of dividing or splitting something into two or more parts”. In this case, that “something” represents atoms. The chain reaction produces heat that boils water, produces steam, spins turbines (fans) which results in the creation of electricity. As simple as the procedure may sound, its impact on the planet brings concern to many environmentalists.
One of the many problematic factors of using nuclear energy is how it causes the land surrounding the plants to become toxic and unable to use. This would conclude in the

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