Argumentative Essay On Open Borders

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The Debated Topic of Open Borders Open borders has been a very deeply debated topic, especially in today’s society. What most people do not know is how open borders could actually be and it's a great argument to be made. However In the article”A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer” from the July 13th 2017 issue of the economist, the author ineffectively uses logos to illustrate the major boost the world economy would get if we had open borders. The author does not provide enough facts to back up the claim the open borders would be a good option. The author does present information just not enough factual information. This is an argument that can be easily backed up with many pieces of factual evidence but instead the author chose to use made up examples and comparisons. From the title of this article you could conclude that this article will be focused around the incomes and the money situations of migrants and the overall world economy. The author begins their argument by telling how the income of people from third world countries would greatly increase if they traveled to the US and began working. In the text the author states that “Mexican labourers who migrate to the United States can expect to earn 150% more. Unskilled Nigerians make 1,000% more”. While that argument may seem compelling, there is no elaboration, further reasoning or actual sourced facts to back up this claim. The author uses logos to explain and persuade his reasoning, they

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