Argumentative Essay On Torture

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Torturing has been around for ages, from ancient Egypt with their slaves up to this date. Torturing can sometimes be described as interrogation so to disguise the harsh implications that we know as torturing. Even when it is called interrogation it does include some sort of physical and mental infliction and damage. We know torture these days to get information from captives, especially in the war against terrorism. With all the research, I did for this argument in this class I change my belief as against torture where I was for it in the beginning. With the research, I did it just seems as an unreliable tool to extract information from captives because under extreme pain the human mind will say anything to make it stop no matter if it’s …show more content…

Also, “the prohibition against torture is well established under customary international law as jus cogens; that is, it has the highest standing in customary law and is so fundamental as to supersede all other treaties and customary laws (except laws that are also jus cogens)” ( Premise 3 and 4 has a lot of research you can gather to support it because there is so many scientific research in it. An example is coming from a 6,000-page study of the CIA program that was inflicted on terrorism suspects after 9/11. The study states, which was released in December 2014, “That the agency’s harsh methods failed to glean any intelligence not available through softer tactics” ( Shane O’Mara, a professor of experimental brain research at Trinity College Dublin states, “Torture can produce false information by harming those areas of the brain associated with memory” (, therefor torture is an ineffective way of gathering intel. Since torturing involves heavy inflicted pain, this causes the person to be in a state of “do anything to get out of it”. Meaning the victim will give any information valid or invalid just to have them stop, even if it is for just for a few minutes. Premise 5 has to do with the lasting

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