Argumentative Essay On White Children

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How many times have we heard that because a White American had no direct involvement in African enslavement, they could not possibly be a beneficiary of any privilege stemming from racial inequity? That is, because they do not practice overt racism and receive a monthly one-thousand dollar check for being white, they could not benefit from institutional racism. Of course, this is not something all White Americans assert. But due to miseducation in the home, many White Americans become indoctrinated in inaccuracies about the past, the present, and the future of the United States of America. Often, caretakers of white children overlook conversations about white privilege, thus distorting their children’s perspective of the outside world.
To resolve this issue, parents of white children should teach their children about white privilege. Integrating the children in diverse reference groups can accomplish …show more content…

However, the first Americans dehumanized people of color in more ways beyond such disgustingly violent treatment. In the case of Black Americans, white law makers implemented harsh legislation that prohibited Black Americans from receiving even a basic education and accumulating wealth (qtd. in Laci Green). Thus, institutional racism is the prohibition from advancement in virtually all aspects of society. At the same time, White Americans prospered academically, economically, and socially. Fast forward through 249 years of being considered anywhere from non-human subspecies to three-fifths of a human, and 94 more years of racial segregation, Black Americans in particular were left behind in the racial arms race. Thus, White American privilege stems from the nearly 350-year head start in White American social

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