Argumentative Essay: Should Women Be In Combat?

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The government has been debating on if women should be in combat.
Many women qualify for combat,but my main concern is they may have trouble conducting combat operations.quoted in sisters in arms (Petronio).Women have been able to be in combat units for years but not on the front lines.Many women though have found themselves in the heat of combat.Although it does provide more boots on the ground ,scientific research shows women in combat prove to slow down progress because they form relationships with troops, issues under combat situations,and bring sexism and disagreement among troops. A recent issue that has been brought up is that women are more prone to PTSD. The U.S government states “Getting into special operations groups is not just physical , but a lot is mental capability” (Eden).The process of getting into one of these
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Women are more prone to metal issues in combat.The government fears women will be subjected to rape if captured and the Marines fear they are lowering standards for women.Women and men have been proven to show that neither gender thinks the other is capable of leading the combat group.With sexism,mental issues , and combat problems studies show that it will be awhile before women are allowed in combat arms. Many more studies are going to need to be taken before the government implements this rule in the US
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