Argumentative Essay: The Clean Power Plan

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In fact, the clean power plan would cut the pollution at least thirty percent by the end of the next decade (Climate Change/ The White House). By giving the states option to replace dirty coal plants with wind, solar and energy efficiency, it also has the potential to speed the shift to clean power. President Obama’s administration has made real progress in developing a wide range of initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through clean energy policies (Climate Change/ The White House). Since President Obama took office, the U.S. has increased solar electricity generation by more than ten-fold, and tripled electricity production from wind power. Building on the improvements of the first term, America continue to take new and comprehensive…show more content…
Government is on track to meet the clean energy goals that is to install 100 megawatts of renewable capacity across federally subsidized housing by 2020, permit 10 gigawatts of renewable projects on public lands by 2020, deploy 3 gigawatts of renewable energy on military installations by 2025, and double wind and solar electricity generation in the United States — once again — by 2025 (FACT…show more content…
Eventually it will create more problems and we will have bigger issues. While we can't change our energy resources in one day, we can start making a change individually and make less damage to the world. Considering all, a big threat is facing us in the form of global warming. Into the bargain, forestation can be the greatest help in this regard. Secondly, the minimum one can do is to follow the environmental policy of Three Rs’-‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, promoting the reuse of anything. The future of earth's climate is in the hands of humans. With simple measures we, as inhabitants of this planet, cannot seal our fortune in rising temperatures. We have to stop thinking of the natural world as something that we can exploit, and start thinking of it as something that is crucial to our very existence. We must take responsibility for our home. We have one chance to save the one
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