Argumentative Essay: The First Presidential Debate

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I sat down on my couch on the crisp night of September, 26th, it was very much like the calm before the storm. My dad and I awaited for the first Presidential debate to begin. We flipped through channels to decipher which channel to view the debate on, and were eventually redirected to Fox News. Genuine American man Donald Trump entered the stage, meanwhile as did Hillary Clinton, with that trademarked fake smile of hers. I witnessed them awkwardly meet in the middle of the stage, which I believe everyone in America could agree was just extremely cringeworthy. During this greeting, my Dad uttered to me “Wow, I hate that women” as I replied “I know, Trump is about to roast her”. The debate started, both candidates explained policies, and seemed …show more content…

Eventually my interest began to diminish, as my Dad and I decided to flip on the World Cup of Hockey game. This is when I came to the realization that politics are really stupid, and I shouldn’t have cared this much to begin with. The United States isn’t working with much, in this upcoming election. Each candidate probably won’t have much success, and both are just absolutely lying about so many issues just gain votes. During this time of realization, as I continued to watch this hockey game, Politics should be more like Hockey, I imagined Trump and Hillary dropping the gloves on the ice and possibly this could resolve some issues. Sure they both have to sit 5 minutes in the sin bin, but I would say that would be a lot better than whatever they did on that stage that night. My view about this election changed immensely, I came to the conclusion that politics are overrated and very devious. America needs change, none of the candidates seem to be the best option, but come November 8th, I will most likely still be voting for Donald Trump, just not with the same enthusiasm as I had

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