Argumentative Essay : The Innocent Mistake

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The Innocent Mistake Did you enjoy playing sports as a child? For most people, the answer would be yes, but for some reason I did not. At the age of four, I started playing sports and began with soccer in Little Kickers. After a few seasons, I started losing interest in the game. My parents tried to get me involved in countless sports available to see what I would enjoy and what I would be interested in, but it was a Herculean task. I was a rock trying to be broken in half, extremely stubborn. My parents talked to numerous people, searching for ideas for a different activity out there for me to do, but nothing worked. I was too young to understand and realize the concerns, the importance, and impacts of sports. For example, they can improve your lifestyle and help you stay more involved.
I played soccer for three seasons; the main reason I stayed for that long though was because all my friends also played. I was interested more in spending time with my friends and the after-game snack, rather than scoring goals and playing soccer. Most of the time when I played soccer, I stood in the field, and just watching the ball. For sure, I was no Messi. One day, my parents approached me about disliking soccer and I told them that I did not want to continue soccer anymore; that was my defining moment, the innocent mistake at the age of six.
“Are you sure you do not want to play anymore?” they pestered.
“I’m sure!” I reassured them over and over again. I insisted that I did not want to play when they tried to persuade me to continue. I was as adamant about not playing as Ariel, the Little Mermaid, was about going on land. Now, when I think back, I think about how I should have taken advantage of the opportunities my parents tried to provide to me. For some reason, I felt guilty for giving up in soccer similar to Alaska Young.
My turning point was when I found out that in my high school, if you played a sport you were able to waive the physical education as long as you received the credit in an another way. I knew I did not want to take physical education; so I started looking at other options and what sports were offered. Since I had not played a sport in a while, it was a difficult situation, but I had to pick

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