Argumentative Essay: The New York Police Department

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The New York Police Department would be the first people to call if you are in any trouble or might be in danger. Every time you would think of the NYPD, the first thing that comes to mind is that when you are in danger or something illegal is happening, they would be the ones to help you and solve the situation. When you think of the NYPD and these things come to mind, it would be the surprise that anyone would get when they see that someone of the NYPD has committed a crime. NYPD Sergeant Alberto Randazzo was arrested on child porn charges and also found that he would tell women through skype to perform sexual acts on young children. There were videos found of the actions that had taken place and what was identified as the NYPD sergeant …show more content…

The charges on Randazzo kept on coming up because the next time it was heard of something of Randazzo was that it was shown that a grandmother was drugging an eight-year-old to be able to molest him and not have the child resist what she is doing and what Randazzo is telling her to do. As the search continued on the computers and phones of the NYPD sergeant, more and more evidence was shown into showing different women that Randazzo kept telling them to do what he said. In no moment was how the children or what the children might feel went through the mind of these women and of the mind of the NYPD …show more content…

Randazzo did his crimes over the internet through chats with these women and through video chats. He could have assumed that having the chats and everything happen through the internet that he was not leaving any physical evidence behind that would be easy to be recovered. He was not having any evidence to be out in the open in front of everyone. He told these women what to do through skype video chats, and that was live and in the moment of these actions happening not letting anyone know what he was actually doing. Randazzo being an NYPD officer knows what the cons of doing what he did were and what would benefit him. He knew the justice system and with Randazzo being an officer, he thought that everything was better off in the end for him to do what he did

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