Argumentative Essay: The Oppression Of Women

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Want to know more about why men tell lies, why women pout, why sex at night is not always the best thing, and why after just about after one year into the relationship the honeymoon is over? You can by enrolling in the workshop.

Plan a wonderful life together. As anything else of great importance, your marriage and or commitment to each other is the foundation. Building upon the foundation involves making decisions for the life of the relationship. Weave your foundation with tools that will fortify, endure, and withstand any storm. Invest in Premarital counseling! Be among the %75 of couples who reached 10 years of married and working on being among 6% who reached 50 years of a marriage. A friend of mine told me that just because you are married …show more content…

A women's mind is pulling in information all of the time to store for later use or to fix what's happening - nurturing. Why? Women are wired to do many things not necessarily at once but with a diffused awareness. That's why women can talk on the phone, stir a pot of spaghetti, give hubby a kiss and watch if he messes up the house and tell little Jessica to put her toys away. That's one reason claim they don't understand women because they don't appear focused and don't know what they want.

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"I had no clue that when I ask my man a question, I get more information if I only ask the question once. He tried it on our lunch break. It was hard because I'm used to asking the question at 3 times, which I didn't know it did until Sulonda pointed it out. I asked the question and waited and waited some more. He gave me more than I have ever gotten from him within the last 6 months of us dating. Good stuff Sulonda! Thank you." Heather P.

"Ok, I don't know where she gets her information from, but it is so refreshing to her explain how men think in a way that seemed help my fiancé!" Thank you, I owe you one." Brad

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