Argumentative Essay : The Problem Of Poverty

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Argumentative Paper Just like the 46 million Americans like her, twenty-four-year-old Desiree Metcalf is stuck in poverty. Metcalf’s is among those Americans that brought poverty from their childhood to adulthood. After high school, she had gotten a full scholarship to the University of Florida but got pregnant. Now she is a mother to three children, whom all have different fathers and she lives in a two bedroom apartment in Bath, New York. She used to be an alcoholic and was into self harm. Plus Metcalf also says that she smoked, “like a chimney.” “But more disturbing is that poverty is now starting to take its toll on her children, especially her eldest daughter. Metcalf says she recently tried to run away from home in the middle of the night.” Though the government has paid much attention to this family, with programs like, Head Start, food stamps, health care, and housing it has never been enough. The government spent $3,000 on giving Metcalf certified training as a nursing assistant, which she has always wanted to be, there has never been a spot open in her small town. Also to top it all off, Metcalf knows that if she does get a job, the government will stop providing for her and her small family (“One Family’s Story Shows How the Cycle of Poverty Is Hard to Break”). Even with all of these dilemmas Metcalf still hopes to have her dream of becoming a certified nurse’s assistant come true. Metcalf’s story is one of many that tells us that the distribution of money is

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