Argumentative Essay: The War With Mexico

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The War with Mexico
Being people of a new nation should come from the heart and not the brain, especially when starting something that will change everything. On May 9, 1846, some American settlers had gone North of Rio del Grande and never returned. The American government wanted Texas and had their eye on California because they had believed strongly in Manifest Destiny. Ten years before the Mexican War, Americans had fought and won Texas and knew we wanted California. Apart of the war happened because no one could decide where the border would go. Manifest Destiny is a plan giving by God to expand the United States from land to the pacific Ocean. The Alamo was a place of safety that had been turned into a fort. Annexation is the adding …show more content…

Some Mexican leaders thought of the idea of convince American colonists to come live on the land, because of the process of emptiness in the Northern lands of Mexico. Mexican leaders had discovered that it was a bad idea, but on the other hand, the colonists knew exactly what they were going to do. "California will, probably, next fall away from [Mexico].... Imbecile and distracted, Mexico never can exert any real governmental authority over such a country,” O’Sullivan stated. This means that the Americans already knew that they had taken the land and knew that there was no way for Mexico to get it back. “All this [will happen] in the natural flow of events,” O’Sullivan stated. Americans knew what would happen because of knowing that they could eventually do something to win over the rest of the land for the United States. Mexico couldn’t even stop a disgraceful robbery, (Roden 329). They couldn’t even stop robbery’s so how could they run a country. In the Alamo, the American colonists were able to get more people to go to war against Santa Ana, (Roden 269). So basically the American colonists were able to get more people to fight for Texas, while Santa Ana wasn’t able to retrieve the people that actually lived in Texas to help him. This evidence shows the US was justified in going to war because Mexico isn’t a strong enough country to own half of the United States. If Mexico wants to be strong they need to work it

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