Argumentative Essay : Utilizing Private Schools Wreck Public Schools

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Utilizing Private Schools Wreck Public Schools Everyone needs to go to school. As children grow, parents must decide what to do about schooling. The options include homeschooling or sending the children to a private or a public school. Few choose homeschooling, most pick between sending their children to either a private or a public school. This choice affects the economy more than the student. The argument ‘If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person’ by Allison Benedikt, argues that sending children to private schools ruins trying to get what’s best for the children. Benedikt’s piece uses premises, and personal testimonies, but overall the argument she presents is weak.
If this article was written correctly with factual information, the author would’ve done well with major premises followed by minor premises, but the information given is biased. Parents will often send their children to private schools to make up for the poor education at the local public schools. Parents can make the change in public schools by sending their children to them. One premise by the author states, “Parents have a lot of power” (Benedikt, 2013), she then follows this premise with evidence from common beliefs. It is well-known that the parents of students have a major influence on the way public school systems are run. More challenging courses for advanced students, sometimes known as enrichment programs are provided through money raised by the PTAs of schools

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