Arguments Against Abortion

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Health and money are what many people wish for and strive towards, but many people out there face the struggles of even managing one of the two. Abortion has been legal in all states, but despite the fact that it is legal some women who go through the process of abortion receive scorn and disapproval. Abortion started out as a way to take out a fetus that may harm one’s health, but recently abortion has become a hot debate topic. Towards the argument, there are multiple perspectives towards abortion. One perspective believes that abortion should be accepted, another side wants abortion to stop. To a certain extent both sides have a reasonable argument, but there must be a reason for having an abortion. That is why abortion should be accepted.

Abortion is a process of taking an unborn child out of a mother’s womb. Although this process may not be the best, there are many reasons to why women should abort. A reason for a women to abort her child, would be due to financial instability. According to a research conducted about 23% percent of the women who abort can not afford the baby (U.S. Abortion). Many may know GDP as gross domestic product, and in the recent years the GDP has dropped from “2.99% in 2007 to 0.73% in 2013” (Young). Meaning the economy is not in its best condition to have people raise a child. That is why compared to the other reasons for abortion, financial is one of the biggest reason for people to abort. In another research conducted by Drew

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