Arguments Against Firearms

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Guns - for the average citizen, or just military and law enforcement, the controversy about citizens owning guns is becoming a more heated debate. Some people believe that the average citizen should not be able to own and carry firearms. However, citizens should be allowed to carry firearms because farmers and ranchers need to be able to protect their herds and livestock from coyotes and other predators. People in the city or suburbs, or even the countryside need to protect themselves from crime. The hunters of northern Montana need to hunt the deer they depend on for food over the winter. The law that has been put in place where we live is known as the NY SAFE Act. Under this new law, citizens must register their firearms and have them permanently …show more content…

Some people believe that the average citizen should not be able to own firearms. However, many people believe that people should be able to own their own firearms. Firearms could be used as, tools if they are put in the right hands. Ranchers and farmers can protect their livestock and herds with these firearms. People in the city, suburbs and even countryside can defend their families and themselves against crime. Farmers and Ranchers need to be able to protect their herds and livestock from predators. These Farmers and Ranchers depend on their animals to keep their farms and ranches running. Without guns, a rancher won't be able to kill a hungry bear that is going to eat his cattle. A Rancher won't be able to protect his beef cows that he makes his profit from their meat against a pack of wolves. Now that the Rancher's sheep and cattle are gone, he has nothing to sell and his ranch runs out of …show more content…

A farmer needs to be able to defend his livestock from coyotes and other predators. The farmer won't be able to protect his sheep, whose wool he sells to keep his farm in business. A fruit farmer has a starling infestation. Fruit farmer Jeff Cooper can't let the birds eat the very commodity, which will support his farm. (Slider 2) A. Dairy farmer cannot defend his milking cows, whose milk he sells to make his profit, without this income, he will not have enough money to keep his farm going. Ordinary people such as mothers and teachers need to be able to protect their kids/students from criminals. A mother walking alone into work or a store needs to protect herself from a burglar. She can't if she doesn't have a handgun, however, if she does have a handgun, she can defend herself and stop the burglar. A teacher whose school is in a lock down must have a way to defend herself and her students. A store clerk can't defend himself and his customers from a robber. Firearms are used for the better, not for crime such as murder. Laws that have been put in place because people in the government think citizens will use firearms for riots. "And permitting the ownership of firearms to citizens will only promote violence, arguments between citizens can turn lethal and more crimes such as robberies and murders will increase, that is what they think."

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