Arguments Against Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering

I would consider one of the strongest arguments against genetic engineering was the statement given by the European Parliament in Cass R. Sunstein’s argument, The Constitution and the Clone. The following is an excerpt from the text book given by the European Parliament “The cloning of human beings… cannot under any circumstance be justified or tolerated by any society, because it is serious violation of fundamental human rights and is contrary to the principle of equality of human beings as it permits a eugenic and racist selection of the human race, it offends against human dignity and requires experimentation on humans”. I believe that most of the world probably shares these same views and I agree with the statement wholeheartedly. Hilary Putnam’s arguments regarding the case of cloning was also a valuable argument against cloning referring to the effects on family. Hilary believes that when we have children we want them to be independent and not identical to someone else or exactly like ourselves. She claims that the moral image of a family should not be like the poster of a “good” Nazi family where everyone is blond and perfect in size like human cloning would generate. Instead, she believes that the moral image of family should reflect our tolerant and pluralistic views and when we have a child it should be a surprise and should not be like purchasing a designer handbag. There were several weaknesses in the arguments
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