Arguments Against Mandatory Vaccine

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Vaccinations are highly considered and one of the greatest medical accomplishments of modern civilization. Childhood diseases that were common back then are now increasingly strange because of the vaccinations that we have today. The overwhelming effectiveness of these vaccinations may lead individuals to reject the benefits they may have and are more focused and concerned of the risk and the side effects they may cause to someone. Today ill be focusing on the Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccine also known as the T.D shot, the flu shot, and the Human papillomavirus vaccine also known as HPV. I will also be addressing different issues about vaccine safety and the history behind mandatory vaccines.
The Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccine protects you …show more content…

Many of you already know what a flu shot is and have probably gotten a flu shot at least once in your life. Just like any other disease it can be serious. Some of you may not think it can but the flu can get you hospitalized and it can even cause death. That’s why it is always important to make sure you see a doctor and get the flu shot. Some may ask how does it work? Or how does it protect me from getting the flu? Flu vaccines can cause antibodies to develop in your body approximately two weeks after you get the shot. The antibodies can provide protection against the flu with the viruses that are in the vaccine itself and is able to protect you from any harm from the …show more content…

Existing evidence have shown that the Chinese employed smallpox inoculation as early as the 1000 CE and then participated by the Africans and the Turkish as well. Which then spread all around Europe and to America. Edward Jenner, the first to come up with a vaccine in the late 1700 ‘s used cowpox material to create immunity to smallpox and had quickly spread all around. The method of Edward was practiced for 200 years and underwent medical and technological changes over that period of time. Many of you may have not none this but Edward jenner was able to save

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