Arguments Against Restriction

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In this paper, I will explain the Huemers two arguments on open immigration. One will talk about the Restriction on the Prima Facie rights and the other will give the reasons for restriction. Following that I will provide my own criticism on one of Huemers argument. Then try to explain a reply, Heumer might say against my criticism. To summarize everything I will defend my point of view. Huemer’s first argument on open immigration explains the restrictions on immigration affecting potential immigrants is a violation of the prima facie rights. According to Huemer, “This imposes a burden on advocates of restriction to cite some special conditions that either neutralize or outweigh the relevant prima facie right.” (Bonevac 631). Marvin suffering …show more content…

He states “finding that none of them offers a credible rationale for claiming either that such restriction does not violate or that the rights violation is justified.” (Bonevac 631-32). Heumer has two common reasons for immigration restrictions. First, in the labor market that US citizens are now competing with new immigrants, who are willing to work for lower wages. Thus making it more tedious for citizens of US to find jobs. Immigrants have been viewed as taking jobs from citizens of the US. The fear is that immigrants desperately seeking work will, under any condition, work for lower wages, thus decreasing the wage of Americans all together. However, his objections is the case of Bob and an US citizen are two possible candidates for a job. Two candidates have a job interview. One of the candidates are willing to work for a lower wage. The other fears that his job is being taken, thus leading the candidate to forcefully restrain the other candidate from the interview. There is no justification that Bob who is an immigrants has the right to be coercion harm. Nor should he be deprived for going to the interview. The two candidates have equally opportunities of being hired. It should not be permissible to allow one to forcefully prevent another from influencing our culture. Second, if the US grants more immigrants entry that will lead to a change in our culture. Like …show more content…

It is at this point in time that many immigrants granted entry in the US is not warranted. The US laws should be perfected and strict. To me I think the US should now deny not all but most immigrants entry. I say this because we should only allow the ones who have potential value to offer to our economy and not view us as means to their end. It should now be, in their best hope for a temporary visa. Something has to be done because I believe our government is making our country look weak and one that can be easily taken advantage

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