Arguments Against The Death Penalty

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Eva Lopez
Capital punishment and the practice of the death penalty is an issue that is passionately debatable in the United States. There have been many contradictions on whether states should abolish the death penalty and continue with putting people in jail for the crime they have committed since those that did the crime will no longer be able to harm anyone. Although opponents of the death penalty believe that there is nothing solved from enforcing it, there are many supporters who believe the death penalty is a great solution to those who “deserve” it, like murderers or child rapists. As many surveys and different polls are done in different states and even countries, there will probably never be an agreement between those who oppose it and those who support the death penalty. In today’s society, we all have different opinions and believe in different ideas of solving an issue, but what it comes down to when speaking of a criminal issue is our justice system. The U.S. justice system isn’t always fair, and we all see it every day whether it’s reading an article, researching on an issue for a class, or most commonly watching/reading it on the news or social media. When speaking on reasons and different opinions of those who oppose the death penalty and those who support it, the topic becomes so controversial because both sides believe that they are right and because death is so permanent. This issue is one that sparks up a lot of trouble because everyone’s opinions differ

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