Arguments Against The Stamp Act

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Ronalds began to tell the people surrounding him at the bar, “Now let me tell you about an Act that is tearing our towns in half. The stamp act is the worst act by the king. The king’s name is King George lll. He thought it would be funny that we should pay for stupid taxes on our stamps. Stamps are supposed to be on newspapers, wills, licenses, insurance policies, land titles, contracts, and other documents, heck they might have stamps on things that we don’t even know about. Let’s be honest. They probably want to have us being underneath their tyranny.” Frederick started to say something to defend Britain, “That isn’t true. Britain needs help for the payment of the seven year war.” Ronalds took the floor back and started to fight back, “Well if they want our help then why did they send garrison troops after the Stamp Act …show more content…

“This stamp act is ridiculous. We need to go do something about it.” “No. Not now. The garrison soldiers are listening to us.” my brother said walking in our private room. “Anyways I’m not letting my little brother get in trouble.” he said in with a happy grin. My brother is the leader of the group in our area. “I know it isn’t good to wait but we need to act in secrecy.” Then something was happening is the center of town while we were walking to our homes. We were able to get up to the front. “This man, is a tax collector! We are going to punish them for listening to the king! Are there and Sons of LIberty in the crowd?” as the man yelled on the stage. We walked forward and yelled, “We are the Sons of Liberty!” I know that we might be killed but the loyalists should see our feelings for freedom. “Thank you. You guys are brave to be up here right now.” the man said with a smile on his face that actually looks like he found pleasure in hurting this person. I looked around if we’re going to hang this man but I only saw a vase of tar, some feathers, and tea. I do hope the tea is for us to

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