Aria Memoir Of A Bilingual Childhood Summary

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In “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”, Richard Rodriguez discusses two educational philosophies regarding bilingual education. (main topic and support)
A. The philosophy of supporting Bilingual Education was to help Students acquire the skills of a classroom crucial for public success.
a. Children miss out a great deal by not being taught in their family’s language.
i. “They say that children who use their family language in school will retain a sense of their individuality — their ethnic heritage and cultural ties.” (Kindle Locations 6236-6237).

a. Children will have a sense of individuality that retains their family’s language. Giving children something to feel different and have something special.
i. “But then there was Spanish. Español: my family’s language. Español: the language that seemed to be a private language.” (Kindle Locations 5982-5983)

a. Rodriguez shared how it was hard fighting between assimilating to American culture and keeping his connection and heritage alive within him.
A. Rodriguez gave many reasons why one would not be a supporter of bilingual education. By giving these examples from his life. What he lived and went through, finding himself and his voice.
a. By only speaking Hispanic, Rodriguez had a hard time learning, and transitioning into American Culture. Rodriguez felt held back, not able to learn to the full potential.
i. “child, I considered Spanish to be a private language. What I needed to learn in school was that I had the right —

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