Aristotle And St. Augustine

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Aristotle and St. Augustine both wrote philosophical works in order to teach us something that they have learned, in hopes that we will apply it to our own lives. However, Augustine uses a type of autobiographical style in addition to treatise in his works, while Aristotle only uses the treatise style in his works.What were they both thinking when they were writing these famous works? Did they use their respective styles to achieve a goal?

Both authors used their work to teach lessons in a way that would best communicate to the reader with relation to their own life experiences and careers. Both authors wrote their work as a way of acknowledging their own mortality. In other words, Aristotle spent a significant part of his life as a teacher of philosophy, and an earlier part of his learning and Augustine spent most of his later life teaching the Christian ideals. Both writers wished to teach people after they reached the end of their life and were to continue to the next one. In addition, they took the opportunity to communicate to those, during their times and after, who they were not able to speak to directly.

Aristotle, Greek philosopher and author of works including the Nichomachean Ethics, wrote in a style in which the writer uses methodological discussion in order to reach a conclusion, also known as treatise. Aristotle, as opposed to St. Augustine and other religious persons, spent his life learning philosophy and presumably made it a goal to teach others,

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