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Amanda Lynch
Ancient Philosophy
Dr. Patrick Messina
29 April 2016
Final Examination

Aristotle’s definition of the soul is the substance in the sense which corresponds to the definitive formula of a thing's essence. Aristotle thought that the soul is the Form of the body. The soul is basically all of the operations of a human being. Aristotle believed that there are levels of living things. He stated that plants only have a vegetative soul, animals are above plants because they have senses and appetites, and humans are above animals because it has the power of reasoning and knowledge us. Aristotle tries to explain the difference between the body and the soul using an axe as an example. If an axe were a living thing, then its body would be made …show more content…

He argues that because of this, there is growth, deterioration, and reproduction. Aristotle says that plants only have this type of ability. To obtain this, it is important to have a soul. The next level is sensation. Because of this quality, the feelings of pain and pleasure arises. Aristotle says that animals have this quality. For a soul to have sensations, vegetation must be there as well. In other words, if sensation is a characteristic of the soul, its vegetative ability is added as well. The next capacity that can be developed is appetite, which is very much related to sensation. After the soul is able to feel, there is a rush of desires. Some desires go along with what we physically need like thirst and hunger and other desires that we do not need like emotions like anger. The next step is motion, which is movement from place to place and rest. As said before, in order to have this ability, it is essential to have the previous ones, building up on the soul. For motion to be possible, appetite, sensation and vegetation must also be there. The last level is understanding; which Aristotle thinks is the most unusual. This involves reasoning using thought and intelligence. In this category, humans would most likely be found even though Aristotle states that some people are guided only by imagination and not intelligence. Again, to have this quality, all of the characteristics stated before must be

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