Aristotle 's Influence On Modern Society

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The most influential person in the pre-modern age in World History is Aristotle. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. He wrote on many different subjects, including physics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology and even zoology. Aristotle was one of the most important philosophers in Western thought, and was one of the first to systematize philosophy and science. Aristotle questioned the nature of the world and of human belief, knowledge, and thought. He invented a method for arguing according to rules of logic, but later applied his method to problems in the fields of psychology, biology, and physics. His thinking on physics and science had a …show more content…

He began to study and collect sea creatures, and eventually extend his ideas to study sea animal to all living things. He created the first library in Greece, which attracted an impressive amount of scholars to the school he taught at called the Lyceum. Students were able to learn every subject imaginable at the time. Aristotle was credited with being the first thinker to recognize that knowledge is compartmentalized. The school was the center for teaching scientific reasoning and scientific research. Aristotle’s theories, at the time were revolutionary, but were later corrected. In his time he was known as “the man who knew everything.” Aristotle’s influence from his time and even after his death, are considered unparalleled, with the exception of his teacher, Plato his works continue to endure. His writings about how people perceived the world continues to underline many principles, and the knowledge people possessed, because of him people around the world share to solve problems.
One of the many people who looked up to Aristotle and learned a great deal of things from him was one of his students, Alexander the Great. Alexander believed to be one of the great kings of ancient Macedonia. In his short 13 year reign as king, he conquered more land than any other king in his time. Alexander 's father made sure his son had the best education. Aristotle was one of the finest teachers and philosopher of

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