Army Organizational Structure

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Army Organizational Structure 1. What is the organizational design of US Army? They have a matrix structure. Here the different functions are interlinked with different subsystems. There are three main subsystem in the organization: • Production subsystem: Secure raw material from the resource environment and convert it into the intermediate goods required by Combat subsystem. Its further subsystems are: ← Training and doctrine command ← Army Materiel Command ← Installation operations ← Functional Commands ← HQDA support specialty commands • • Combat subsystem: Convert the Army's intermediate products into mission-ready forces. • Integrating subsystem: it integrates all the …show more content…

• Final test of an organizations effectiveness is survival(for) Every organization fights for the survival. All the organization when it makes is strategy to win the market, to gain the market share, to fight against the competitors, to go global etc, all that the organization is looking for is to

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