Arranged Marriage : A Type Of Marriage

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The definition of an Arranged Marriage is; a type of marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship. To make the definition more clear, it is the opposite of a love marriage. Typically in a love marriage, the final step in the relationship is marriage. That is not the case in an arranged marriage. One of the first steps besides meeting your new spouse, is getting married. The main factor of an arranged marriage are the parents. The parents are what makes the marriage possible because they are the ones who pick the spouse. The tradition ties back in history and has operated through many years within communities and many countries.
Arranged Marriages have a rich history. It has been found that ancient societies in the West helped shape this type of marriage. It has also been discovered that early societies have started as early as 1500 AD and during Victorian Europe. Back in the Chinese culture, arranged marriages started with the initial relationship between families. Even though the two people planning on marrying get to pick their own spouse, it must slide with the two families. Before the wedding happens, the two families must meet on a official traditional dinner or supper, and ask each other man questions. One example is when the bride’s family meets the groom’s family, they have to make sure the groom is coming from wealth and good status. If the bride’s family feel as if the groom is not a good match then simply the wedding will not take place. On the other
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