Art And Symbolism In Ancient Egyptian Art

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In ancient Egypt the art was both uniquely stylized and symbolic. As the way that hieroglyphs were a visual language, the art of human figure ancient Egypt followed specific rules in order to be read, understood, and symbolic. Artists were not concerned with creating realistic images but rather to represent an ideal and harmonious version of reality. Artists developed conventions a harmonious canon of proportions, controlling the angle of view, and the size of each part in relation to the whole. The human figure was presented in composite perspective. For royal and other depictions of beings of a higher power, heads were shown in profile, capturing the shape of the nose, forehead, and chin. The eyes were formed to face frontwards, …show more content…

During 17 years of reigning, 1353–1336 BCE, he broke the conventions of Egyptian art by showing himself in warm family scenes with his wife and children, and portraying himself and the rest of the royal family in a much more human and naturalistic manner, such as eyes being slightly more profiled than any of his predecessors had. There was also a push of physical distortion. It was all distinctively stylized. The portrayal of the physical characteristics of the pharaoh himself was the most peculiar result of Akhenaten art reform. In sculptures and paintings of Akhenaten, he is shown as having a long, slender neck, a long face with a sharp chin, almond-shaped eyes, full lips, long arms and fingers, rounded thighs, a soft belly, and enlarged breasts. His odd androgynous appearance, depicted in the colossal statue of Akhenaten raising to about 16 feet, carved out of sandstone, was particularly prominent in art from the early part of the reign. His appearance was the challenge of Egyptian art style and the test of his relationship to the gods. Also another important piece to come out of this time was the head of Nefertiti, the favorite queen, made of painted limestone. The beautiful Nefertari was discovered in 1912 in the studio of the sculptor Thutmose. The facial features of her are too idealistic to be human, with a thin slender neck, but strangely come so close to what moderns day society ideal of beauty

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