Art And The Pursuit Of Art

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Art has had a profound significance to me throughout my life. As a child, art was my retreat from the mundane of the world. I found a way of communicating the things I was feeling with others around me! It gave me different perspectives and ways of looking at events, emotions, and people. All of these perspectives helped shape me, made me contemplate the individual I wanted to be and how the world behaves. Art answered as many questions as it posed. It made life worth living. From that moment on, there would never be a day in my life that didn’t involve art in some form or another. This passion in the pursuit of art has proven to be lifelong as well. Highly involved in art through high school, my passion led me to pursue a Bachelors of …show more content…

Yearning to learn more, newer and more interesting ways of viewing the world. A more intimate way of considering the inner and outer workings of this life, while interacting and revealing my respective contemplations of life. In this pursuit of art, I’m constantly researching or dialoging with multiple artworks. Sometimes my own, sometimes the works of others. The past couple years I have felt a little more limited in my dialog with art, mostly due to time constraints while being in school and working. A similar sentiment shared by many students who are experiencing these difficult times, I’m sure. This lack of time to fully advance myself in the art that I’m trying to practice is trying, but does not make the task completely impossible. My choice to advance my career as an artist through the pursuit of a secondary degree was one of the best influences to my art. Surrounded by a strong community of incredibly talented and helpful staff and colleagues has elevated my work beyond what I could have imagined. Advancing my level of higher thought along with it. The social aspect of my dialog is perhaps my preferred, and regrettably most impactful, means of creating a dialog about art. I really rely on using lively discussions to cultivate a deeper appreciation and understand of works. The physical conversation between individuals and groups often leads to more innovation than my individual studies

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