Art Deco

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Art Deco was a modern style that first appeared in France during the 1920s, announced in 1925. Art Deco is seen in Jean Puiforcat, Hot water kettle, form a five-piece coffee and tea set. This tea set a modern design that was used in luxury liners. This tea set uses sleek geometric shapes that were inspired by the luxury liner itself and part of Art Deco style is to reflect modern technology. This tea set was made out of silver that at the time was very costly material, but it resembles the steel and metal used in the production of the luxury liner. The material also allowed for the tea set to have a luxurious appearance. Not only does a product have to be elegant, its form should be functional. Jean Puiforcat also used silver for his tea set…show more content…
I learned lot of new things one being the process in completing a piece of work. A lot of sketching and planning is done on paper before attempting to paint the actual piece. John had a whole library of sketchbooks that included rough sketches of his process work. Planning out the masterpiece is really important especially for architects like Pugin. I also learned that practicing your skills would make your artwork better. All of these great artists that we talked about in class became who they are because they had lots of practice and education. When it came to sculpting however Wolfer assembled things even if he didn’t know what he was doing. This taught me that I shouldn’t just stick to one material just because I feel comfortable with it, I should explore the art world more by using different material. I liked John’s meat paintings the most because the brushwork that was done was incredible. This reminded me of the movement expressionism. Artists that support this movement use brush stokes to express theirs feeling or emotions about the object. A great example, and the most common one, is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Wolfer’s meat paintings were very symbolic to his
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