Art Progression

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The direction of my art-making has changed considerably since I started my BFA at NSCAD. My path until then had not exposed me to many of the possibilities within the arts and my practice was quite limited. Almost every single professor here has impacted how I think and see the world around me. I have been given tools for critical thinking and techniques to express my ideas. I have been repeatedly, and sometimes reluctantly, forced out of complacency and comfort and this has always led to growth. I found my home in the ceramics department a little over a year ago after a slightly distressing period of exploration. I was initially won over by the tactile nature of clay but I soon discovered that ceramics encompassed everything I wanted in a medium. I have the freedom to move between art and design and with its virtually endless possibilities of making, the field of ceramics will always keep my curious mind fed. Perception and balance are concepts that interest me and they have persisted as themes within my art practice. I like to work intuitively and I find that with every piece, I get closer to my subconscious. I find a sense of sublime within the creative process and this continues to drive me as I grow in my artistic discipline.…show more content…
I try to bring a level of maturity to my work and I take my academic career seriously. This attitude extends into my work life as well and I have been given multiple employment opportunities within the NSCAD community. I secured a part-time position as student assistant for the Foundation Studies Office in my first year and have also had the opportunity to work with both Sculpture and Ceramic technicians. This past summer, the School of Extended Studies accepted my proposal for the ceramic art camps and gave me my first teaching position and enabled me to share my passion for making with
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