Artemis Interventions: A Summary

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Artemis having been sealed in his surveillance room by Holly knows that the LEP are using the troll to secure a cry for help. He watches the whole thing unfold and suddenly fully appreciates how amazing Butler is at his job. Now that the troll is gone Artemis contacts Root and gets yelled at by Foaly.Artemis wants the gold in thirty minutes or he won't let Holly go and he'll leave her to die when he escapes the time field root agrees with him knowing this is part of the plan anyway. Artemis sits back to wait to watch everyone die. Foaly radios Holly the plan and she finds out that Artemis in tends to sit through the bio bomb. Even though they kidnapped her she quickly thinks about Juliet’s life gets angry that Artemis 1hasn't told the Butlers what risk he's about to take. Butler shows a lot of faith in Artemis when Holly tells him what he's about to put his sister through. Artemis threatens to have Butler tranquilize her again but Butler isn't sure he would if Artemis gave the order.But they did not care after holly was out of the range of the fire zone the bomb was sent in the only way they could get out was if they could escape the time zone.
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