Artemisia Gentileschi

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Artemisia Gentileschi the Renaissance Feminist Artist
Manuel Hernandez
Devry University

Why exactly is Artemisia Gentileschi considered an early feminist? Doing a brief search and looking into her artwork, even for a brief amount of time and you quickly see why she was considered so. Her gender as well as the things she went through and experienced in her life heavily influenced Artemisia Gentileschi’s artwork. Some of the more famous and controversial paintings focus on females as being the main protagonist. There is plenty of controversy surrounding the paintings as well, since her father Orazio Gentileschi a painter in his own right trained her. Some of her early paintings are questioned and he is given credit for them.
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They have fought for equality and to this day continue to do so even as the world progresses towards obtaining equality for everyone regardless of gender or race. Artemisia Gentileschi through her portrayal of woman as her main antagonist is considered by many to be one of the earliest feminist and would deserve plenty of credit if and when mankind finally gets to that point.
There is many articles and facts on the website by Brash, the entire website is dedicated and in memory of Artemisia Gentileschi. Her painting are displayed and portrait here in full effect and give a wonderful insight into the paintings and the though process behind them. All of Artemisia’s controversial painting are show and dissected to show why exactly they caused quite a stir back in the day. Judith slaying Holofernes (P.4) for example is shown and the author describes how it was a bloody and gruesome painting in those times. As is shows a woman named Judith saving the Jewish people by killing an Assyrian general.
The Artemisia Gentileschi article essentially follows Artemisia’s life and gives a biography of everything she went through and the kind of effect her paintings had. It gives insight into her life and takes you back to when she was a child, giving you a better understanding of why she became a feminist. This article tells you all about how Artemisia lost her mother at a young age and then was raped by one of her
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