Arthritis : A Common Condition Essay

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Arthritis is known as a very common condition, which is considered just not one disease but many, there are over hundred different types of arthritis. Arthritis has a lot to do with joint pain and joint disease. Anybody can develop arthritis all ages, race and gender, it’s known to be the primary leading cause of disability in the United States. Symptoms of arthritis come and go there often mild but can get severe fast. Symptoms of arthritis include; swelling, inflammation some stiffness these symptoms my stay the same or progress or get worse within time. Arthritis may cause visible changes to your body for example people develop knobby finger joint when they develop arthritis in their hands, which my grandmother developed she has been living with
Arthritis for almost 19 years. Arthritis can also cause other effects on your body; eyes, heart, kidney, lungs and sometimes your skin may change also. Arthritis is often diagnosed by a simple physician exam which can be performed by your physician by a blood test or sans will help determine if you have developed arthritis.

For my unit 9 project I will be creating a supplement for my choosing condition, which I have chosen to do arthritis, it will be put on the market to help with my chosen condition. For this assignment I will need to list five ingredients that will make up my product. My first ingredient is a herb Pau d’ Arco the next ingredient is Magnesium which is a mineral, my third ingredient is
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