Arthur Dimmesdale: Evil Or Not?

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Arthur Dimmesdale: Evil or Not? While it may seem that Dimmesdale evil and that his actions may lead to that assumption, but Arthur Dimmesdale is not evil nor immoral. However, Arthur does many things that have him teeter on the edge of evil. Whether he is rejecting Hester into his sermons, making his sermons on her and using Hester as an example or harboring his sins to himself and forcing Hester to endure her sin alone. Arthur Dimmesdale delivers sermons and his seen to be a divine figure sent by God to save them all, and is seen this way throughout the book. Not only does Arthur harbor his sin and not reveal it until the end of the story and his life. (Page 381 chapter 23) Arthur has made it a usual activity to make an example of Hester

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