Article Analysis : Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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A lot of books that get banned are due to having real world events, and certain words that are censoring students from history, and reality. “Harper Lee’s book has been challenged by black parents who object to the use of the word “nigger”.” (Rohrer). Although the word is disrespectful to use, it’s a part of history that can’t be erased. “To Kill a Mockingbird” uses the word 58 times in the book, but without it, the book wouldn’t have an accurate representation of that time era. The fact that some religions, origins, and ethnicities get offended by this is understandable, but by trying to ban the books from schools it is restricting information from the whole student body not only their child. The history that is being shown by the use of “nigger” only teaches the time era we have lived and points out how far we have come from. History is what has happened in the past, and what has shaped us today. The past defines us and is a reminder of where we came from, but also shows us what we learned from our mistakes. It initially builds our moral values and is memories of time eras and accomplishments. Parents can’t just erase the events that they don’t like, otherwise, they aren’t allowing their children to know the truth of what has happened in our past. This takes away knowledge from students and ultimately makes them naive. Covering the issues of this world with rainbows and butterflies. When books are censored because of their use of harsh vocabulary or content that can be

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