Article Analysis: The Four Effects of the High-STakes Testing Movement on African American K-12 Students

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The article, Four Effects of the High-Stakes Testing Movement on African American K-12 Students discusses four ways in which high-stakes testing has harmed African American students in particular and recommendations for improving their school experiences. Standardized tests have become the main criteria to which student’s knowledge, teacher efficacy, and school quality are assessed due to No Child Left Behind.
The authors discuss that one way African Americans have been harmed through high-stakes testing and standardized assessments is through limited improvement in test scores and dropout rates. Although some African American students may be receiving a quality education because they are reading at or above grade level and have proficient math skills, there still remains a countless number of African Americans who are at the same level and receiving a quality education (Thompson & Allen, 2012). Dropout rates once proved that African American students were not receiving a fair quality education; however, today, the dropout rate indicates that Black and White achievement gap has narrowed over time and achievement scores have increased, too many African Americans are still receiving a substandard education (Thompson & Allen, 2012).
The second way students are harmed is standardized testing promotes a lack of interest or enthusiasm in learning. The two main causes of student apathy is what teachers teach and the way they teach. Nowadays, teachers no longer have the choice to
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