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Article “How To Save The Earth”
Itroducion: The next article will talk about the causes that affect the earth (Human and Natural activities) we will also talk about the natural events that have changed the atmosphere, the great cause of the climate in our environment, and possible solutions to the damaging effects on the earth.
1. Human Causes And Natural Activities:

a) Environmental pollution: in few words we can say that environmental contamination is the action of chemical, physical and/or biological agents in a way that alters the conditions of the soil, land, air, and living beings of a harmful way.
Types of contamination can be: Water pollution: is the water of impurities, such as microorganisms, chemicals, industrial wastes, and other types or waste water. These materials deteriorate the quality of the water and make it useless for the intended uses. Pure water is a renewable resource, however it can get so polluted by human activities that is no longer useful, but rather harmful.
What pollutes the water?
 Pathogens - bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites that enter the water from organic wastes.
 Wastes requiring oxygen. - The organic waste can be decomposed by bacteria that use oxygen for biodegradables. If there are large populations of these bacteria, can deplete the oxygen in the water, killing the forms of life aquatic.
 Inorganic chemicals. - Acids, compounds of toxic metals (mercury, lead), poisoned water.
 The plant nutrients can cause excessive

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