Article: Importance of Stock Keeping Unit

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------------------------------------------------- Stock-keeping unit From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged andremoved. (July 2007) | A stock-keeping unit or SKU (pronounced either as an acronym, /ˈskjuː/, or as an initialism, /ˌɛsˌkeɪˈjuː/) is a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. SKU use is rooted in data management, enabling the company to systematically track its inventory or product availability, such as in warehouses and retail outlets. They are often assigned and serialized at the merchant level. Each SKU is attached to…show more content…
SKUs can then be printed into a barcode and placed on the product. When scanning SKUs, the system recognizes the price and prepares the sale for that price. Example 4: A SKU may contain all the common properties of an individual item. So, assume you abbreviate all the properties of the item from Vendor VD, who has a collection CN, which contains design DS, which comes in size SZ, and is available in color CR. The SKU can be VDCNDSSZCR, or VD-CN-DS-SZ-CR. Typical abbreviations are 2-4 characters long, and it 's a good idea to make sure all abbreviations for one property are the same number of characters. This way all your SKUs are the same number of characters, and makes it easy to de-code a SKU without looking it up. If a size may be two or three dimensions, like 2x4, 4x6x8, or 2 '4"x5 '6", you may wish to create a numbering system for the sizes. If for example a size is 8X10, and you want all size abbreviations 3 characters, you could turn the 10 into a letter like A, so it reads 8XA. The number 11 would then be B, 12 is C, and so on. This methodology is used by companies who sell high-ticket items which have many variations in features. Vendor 1 | Collection 1 | Design 1 | Color 1 | Vendor 2 | Collection 2 | Design 2 | Color 2 | Vendor 3 | Collection 3 | Design 3 | Color 3 | Vendor 4 | Collection 4 | Design 4 | Color 4 | Vendor 5 | Collection 5 | Design 5 | Color 5 | Vendor 6 | Collection 6 | Design 6 |
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