Article: Personality Psychology

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Profits. This concept guides most people today, shapes their personality, and influences them in adopting certain attitudes in regard to particular matters. For most people water is a simple natural element that does not have to be provided with special attention and that needs to be used in accordance with the profits associated with industries focused on exploiting this particular element. The strategy that humanity has taken on across the centuries regarding water demonstrates that people are irresponsible and unwilling to consider the long-term effects of their actions. A visit to a camping place that is commonly frequented is likely to provide nature-loving individuals with the harsh reality of life. The masses perceive these camping locations as places where they can have fun without expressing any interest in the damage that they inflict on the environment. It is very probable that the fact that they do not actually live there makes it difficult for them to think of nature as of a place that they can call home. Annie Leonard's account regarding water makes it possible for individuals to see things from the point of view of an individual who actually observes nature's suffering. Deforesting has a significant influence on waters adjacent to forests being cut and this is reflected by wildlife in these waters consequent to the moment when the ecosystem is destroyed by human intervention. "The rivers below a clear cut were cloudy, full of muck and debris, with fewer
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