Article Review : Methodology Employment And Reasoning

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Methodology Employment and Reasoning The researcher in the article that I chose to review used a qualitative study based off of the viewpoints of the paramedics that were employed with the agency that drove the ambulances. Using this qualitative method, the researcher was able to obtain data for their research. In the article, the author had “conducted interviews with 19 different paramedics that worked in two separate areas in the southwestern Ontario that would be analyzed using grounded theory methods” (insert source). This data that is collected from this study will be beneficial in demonstrating how misusing the 911 system for non-emergencies can have detrimental effects in the long run and create chaos and hardship for the …show more content…

This study attained research ethics consent from the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board. Sample Population In this study, paramedics were recruited from two regions in southwestern Ontario that include urban municipalities and rural townships, each having a population over 500,000 residents. These paramedics were invited to participate in the study via e-mail. The only inclusion criterion present, was that the participant had to have worked as a paramedic responding to medical calls within the past year in order to participate in the interview process. Within each of these two regions, several paramedics had responded to the e-mail, and along the way additional participants were added to the interview process as well through snowball sampling. New participants were recruited and interviews continued until theoretical saturation. Independent and Dependent Variables Since this is a qualitative study, it does not have an independent or dependent variable for measurement. Sample Questions and Instrument and Conduction of Data Collection Semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted over a period of a year between March of 2011 through June of 2012 with nineteen different paramedics. These phone interviews lasted ranging anywhere from 27 minutes to 64

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