Article Summaries : ' Omg Teens And Their Phones ' By Bob Ross

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Giuliana Enea Dr. Lynn Psyc 200 July 15, 2015 Article Summaries In the article, “OMG Teens and Their Phones” by Bob Ross, he discusses a survey that shows on average everyday teens send about one text message every five minutes. Throughout this article Ross discusses the question of whether the use of technology is being abused by kids today and the answer is yes, but only if the parents let it happen. Parents cannot be ignorant about what their child is using technology for, they need to understand the technology their child is using and they also need to create rules about the use of technology so teens do not abuse their power of it. Ross explains how it is important for parents to set guidelines and rules that are reasonable for themselves and their child’s needs so they are more willing to follow them. To make sure that teens are not abusing their technology it is important for parents to encourage technology free time. It is important for a child to learn when the appropriate time is to use technology and when they should not, for example when they are in class or when they are doing homework. Another suggestion that Ross makes is for parents to check phone bills to make sure that their child is following their guidelines. On the phone bill a parent can see what times their child is texting and the other person who they are texting. If a parent sees that their child is not following their guidelines then they can always disable their phone during a certain

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