Article V Of The Us Constitution Essay

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Areas in the United States Constitution have an absence of explicitness such as Article II, section 2 which has created problems, where Article I, section 9 creates conflict for a sentence. However, on the positive side, the Constitution leaves room for modern ideas. For the most part, is the actions of the common people and yourself that shape the country. To further explain, Article II, section 2 grants power to the president of the United States without setting specific boundaries. Therefore, limitations should be set and no more power should rest in the president. Article V of the US constitution is exceptionally important because it allows the people to make changes to the constitution by amending it in order to take into account modern ideas as in the case of the ratification of the thirteen amendment. However, Article I, section 9 creates a problem when in the case of rebellion against tyranny with the right of habeas corpus and together with the problem of the lack of explicit constitutional right to vote. In general, the civil and social responsibilities are recognizing the problem within our community and acting on them for example voting. Moreover, my personal responsibilities are exhibiting respect for others and voting for a change.
The powers granted to the executive branch and Congress concerning war should, under the U.S. constitution, have more explicit boundaries and limitations. The executive powers are granted to the president under the Article II,

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