Artificial Intelligence Advantages

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Artificial Intelligence: 1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 1.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI, is defined as the intelligence exhibited or shown by the machines. AI is the ability of a machine to mimic intelligent human actions. In other words, artificial intelligence refers to the study of “intelligent agents”. 1.1.1. Artificially Intelligent agents: Artificially Intelligent agents are the machines that recognize and understand their environment and respond accordingly. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is applied to refer to the machines or systems that carry functions similar to human minds such as the art of ‘learning’ and ‘problem solving’ etc. 1.2 Activities performed by Intelligent Agents: Some of the major activities performed by the …show more content…

It has disadvantages as well. • One major disadvantage is the cost incurred in its maintenance and repair.Programs need to be updated to suit the changing requirements and machines need to be made smarter. In case of a breakdown, the cost may be very high. • If the control of machines goes in wrong hands it may cause destruction. As machines cannot think, they can be usedto do the wrong things or for mass destruction. • The intuitive abilities that human possess, the way humans can judge based on their previous knowledge, the inherent abilities that they have, cannot be replicated by machines. Also, machines lack common sense. • If robots begin to replace humans in every field, it will eventually lead to unemployment. People will be left to do nothing. So much empty time may result in destructive use. • Machines may not be as efficient as humans in altering their responses depending on the changing situations as they are programmed to function in a usual manner. • With the heavy application of AI, humans may become overly dependent on machines, losing their mental

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