Artprize Reflection

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ArtPrize 2017 was the ninth year of the event. Out of the nine years I have gone a total of three times. I like the idea of ArtPrize. Going downtown Grand Rapids and being surrounded by art that you have the chance to see for free. Even being able to touch some of the art and interact with it. Yet when I go to ArtPrize I do not find as much enjoyment from it as it seems others do. Walking around downtown Grand Rapids is common for me, so adding art to the scenery is a plus. Seeing beautiful works of art on my way to class or to the coffee shop down the road is a pleasant experience. The part about ArtPrize that I do not enjoy is that the roads are packed with extra cars and people, and rush hour is made worse by three times at least. When I’m walking around downtown there are certain areas that are packed with people and even sometimes a line to get into a venue to see the art. Crowds are not my favorite thing but I can deal with them for the most part. However I do not think that dealing with a crowd in order to see art is worth it. …show more content…

It is not that I do not like ArtPrize. It is the fact that people who really enjoy art act like the event is the best thing in the world. But I do not see art as that big of a deal, so when I go to see the art it is a let down from how big it was talked up. Doing the ArtPrize Review did not change this for me. I liked the assignment and it gave me a chance to go see the art, but if I did not have to write the paper I would not have gone to ArtPrize at all this year. I liked that the assignment was about something that I did not mind doing, but I do not see art differently

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