Arts : A Positive Impact On The Classroom

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Arts in the classroom include various things, for example dancing, painting, and sculpturing. I think I would’ve benefit a lot it teachers would’ve incorporate the following in my schooling or learning. For the most part I think arts in the classroom has a positive impact on the students and on their learning. If and only if it piggy back off the lesson plans, and the school requirements. If it’s not being taught the right way then I think it would have a positive impact on the learning. If schools incorporate arts in the classroom this would also bring back a lot of kid’s imagination. I think when the kids enjoy school then they will grasp what is begin taught in the classroom a lot better. In the article “It takes a Community” they proved that incorporating arts in a classroom would benefit in a positive way. A+ school program seems like a very cool program that other schools in different states should definitely look into. Not only are the students learning but the teachers are also learning from the A+ School. They said, “Over the last three years, both Gatesville Elementary School and T.S Cooper Elementary School have primarily shown increased student achievement in both math and reading.” I think if other schools incorporate arts in their classrooms a little more, schools grades and test scores would both go up. Arts in a classroom would make kids enjoy school and they wouldn’t dread coming to school. The arts in the classroom would make the classroom a lot more

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