As A Classroom Teacher, How Can You Learn About Your Culture And Your Students ' Cultures And Communities

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As a classroom teacher, how can you learn about your culture and your students’ cultures and communities?
Some of the most successful methods used by teachers, even the federal government, to learn about culture are by letting each student share their culture through food and explain the history behind their dish. Simply, by appealing to the students to converse about or share dishes distinctively in their ethnicity, allows the student to show family values, environment of home, family dynamics and social skills. The principal way to bring about such a task is, have a cultural food fair. Asking each student to prepare a preferred dish and assemble information about the preparation like, who cooks this dish, even where and why this dish …show more content…

Multicultural education has also questioned, dispute, and presumes content, perception, and patterns from the customary set of laws. Multicultural education affects content from these areas under discussion and disciplines. Monitoring the teaching and curriculum development in the educational settings. Therefore multicultural education can be said to be a area of study intended to enhance educational fairness for all students that join together, for the most part from cultural studies and gender learning.
What are common misconceptions about teaching children who are English language learners? What can you do to support them?
According to the reading of the textbook and general information about the misconceptions of English learning and teaching is, teachers in conventional classrooms ought to, as a result, be equipped to teach students who come from different dialects, cultures, and learning conditions. Each teacher should know to prepare themselves for the changes experience in their classrooms by reinforcement through specialized educational workshops, help them to prepare for this type of classroom teaching. Maybe these workshops should on average start by highlight these values and characteristics of language differences, thereby allow each teacher’s attainment, that can be understood easily by teachers, when faced with this issue in their classrooms. Thereby readily preparing each teacher to transform their

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