As A Hero : My Hero

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It all started out with my mother Sophia, my father Kalcey, and I. My father was working multiple jobs trying to support me. During the day my father would work at a gas station near NDSU and at night my dad would’ve worked at The Bison Turf only getting hours of sleep each night. My mom was receiving a nursing degree at North Dakota State University so I was being handed around by my dad‘s family, friends, and some sorority houses at North Dakota State University. When I was the age of two years old my mom found out the use of prescription drugs. While my mom was watching me one day, my dad was at work and my mom was passed out on the floor for taking too much narcotics. Leaving me alone and by myself, making me feeble to everything around me. That drew the line for my dad when he got home to the apartment and he took me away and we moved away by ourselves.

Growing up being passed around by his friends in woman sorority houses on weekday nights was frightening for me. But he just wanted me to be healthy and joyful by supporting me more. There were multiple times in my life where I thought my dad was my hero. But it stood out the most when I was 7 years old. My papa and I went to go see his father (my grandpa). He is known as a scumbag who let people down with his words and beat on my father and his mother. So my grandfather tried taking care of me because he thought my father was incapable of taking care of me even though he was. The next day my dad pushed him

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