As A Teacher, I Believe It Is So Very Important That Each

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As a teacher, I believe it is so very important that each and every child feel welcomed, comfortable and included in my classroom. Incorporating the cultures of many different groups of people can be a daunting and difficult task, but one that can be very rewarding, as well. In chapter 14 of Not for ESOL Teachers: What Every Classroom Teacher Needs to Know About the Linguistically, Culturally, and Ethnically Diverse Student, Eileen N. Whelan Ariza discusses Native American or American Indian students. There are "over 500 indigenous tribal groups with distinctive cultural traits and over 2,200 languages spoken among them" (Ariza, p. 113, 2009) in the United States. As a teacher, I am able to incorporate the cultures of the Native American …show more content…

119, 2009). I can also include Native American guest speakers to speak to our classrooms and present that speaker with a gift because Native Americans love generosity and thoughtfulness. As a teacher that desires to incorporate all children into one classroom, I need to be respectful of their past, present and future. By understanding Native American Children, I will be able to honor their heritage and include them in our future, together.
Many times, Asian Americans/Indians come to the United States with a great background in education, but sometimes they may come to America "as refugees from war-torn countries with interrupted studies" (Ariza, p. 123, 2009). When incorporating Asian Americans/Indians into my classroom, I also need to understand their culture and where they come from. To Asian American students, "[f]amily welfare is considered more important than individual welfare, so failing in school will reflect on the family as a unit" (Ariza, p. 124, 2009). Koreans also believe the a "peer is someone who was born the same year" (Ariza, p. 131, 2009), so as a teacher, one might find it difficult getting Asian American students to connect to other students. By having students work in groups, this will help ease Asian American students into developing better connections and friendships. Asian American parents have expect the best from their children, which oftentimes causes stress on the

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