As Feminism Has Emerged In Popular Media In Recent Years,

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As feminism has emerged in popular media in recent years, another gender movement has similarly become visible. This movement is called Men’s Rights Activism (MRA), also commonly known as meninism. Feminism and meninism have both been given a strong negative connotation by the media, often representing them with the image of an outspoken, somewhat radical, advocate. Gender and Women’s Studies classes have shined a light on how this does not fully encompass what feminism represents. In present day, feminism can be seen as positive and uplifting by many people, not just women, yet meninism has barely been mentioned other than in an unfavorable manner. Is MRA really such a negative movement, founded on hate? Analysis of its creation and how …show more content…

This ideology has remained the same today, but with a slight modern twist.
As many other areas of study, technology has been very influential in the MRA. Specifically, it is a way that they have been able to become more visible than ever before. Many more websites and forums surrounding the topic of Men’s Rights have popped up in recent years. One website in particular, The Men’s Activism News Network, is an online forum that aims “to provide pro-male activists with news and information that will aid them in working toward establishing equal rights for men and the improvement of men’s lives.”(“The Philosophy”) It is important to note that nowhere in their philosophy do they mention the need to disprove feminist ideas, but in the frequently asked question section of their website the topic is brought up. When asked about their view on feminism they stated, “Feminism, if allowed to continue unchallenged, represents a serious threat to the well-being of men and boys.”(“The Philosophy”) The feeling of victimization is just one way in which their views align with the original consensus of MRA groups. This is just one organization’s ideas, but other groups have similar beliefs.
Every one of these many groups cannot be looked at thoroughly, however Robert Menzies, a professor of sociology, studied multitudes of these Men’s Rights and antifeminist men’s websites. He noted prominent themes such as “feminism is defamatory,

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