As Good As It Gets Psychology

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As Good As It Gets is a movie that take place in New York about a man named Melvin, played by the actor Jack Nicholson. Melvin lives in an apartment building and everyone in the apartment building do not care for him very much because of his insulting remarks and unwanted behaviors. While watching the movie, I noticed in the movie that Melvin wears gloves, uses soap to wash his hands only once and throws the soap away, walks on the sidewalk but do not walk on cracks in the sidewalk, and do not want to touch anyone he comes in contact with. Melvin goes to a particular restaurant where he sits in the same seat every time and only receives service from one waitress that works there it appears that he has a special relationship with her. Also, …show more content…

One of his friends asked Melvin to take care of him so he did. This was the beginning in my opinion of part of Melvin’s therapeutic process. He started meaningful relationship with the dog and began to care about the dog in his own way. Melvin was an individual who became disengaged when people gave him compliments and if he did anything nice for someone he had a hard time accepting gratitude from that individual. I must say, that Melvin found out what loves feels like through his relationship with the dog, the waitress, and later on in the movie his neighbor Simon. Questions that I would consider: What diagnosis does Melvin have? Have you ever had any type of counseling or therapy for your disorder? Did you experience any traumatic episodes that may have contributed to your behaviors? Is there any biological or family background that may justify the diagnosis? How long have these behaviors or feelings been going on? Are there any ethical or cultural considerations to address? These are just a few possible questions to ask. What are the implications of these issues for the developers of the next version of the DSM? How do you think these issues affect the field’s ability to study and understand Anxiety

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